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Hi, I'm Kyle.

I'm a Product Designer currently based in Los Angeles.

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[/] About me

I love to design, build and ship cool products. Currently I'm doing just that: working on a stealth startup from Los Angeles. 👀

Previously, I spent three years working in HR tech, building a data science based jobs platform. Now I advise a company using psychometrics to determine who would make a good remote employee.

Prior to that I studied Computer Science (and Russian!) at Stanford University in Palo Alto.

I'm passionate about consumer tech and crafting delightful user experiences. There are few things I enjoy more than critiquing the latest consumer hardware product or hybrid web app. Reach out if you're interested in UI/UX design consulting!

I'm fascinated with how user experience design and methodologies can be used to improve customer experiences within physical spaces (e.g. retail, art galleries, museums and restaurants). It's a weird intersection, I know.

When I'm not in LA you can find me just outside New York City or in Melbourne, Australia. My family is from both places.

Shoot me an email if you're interested in working together! 🚀

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