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PickPlay was a jukebox-style music playback app for iOS I designed and built alongside three other Stanford students for CS 194: Senior Software Project.

This app was integrated with Spotify to allow small groups of users to collaborate on playlists by sourcing, queuing and rearranging songs on multiple devices.

One of our design decisions was in only needing one user to have PickPlay installed (the one whose iPhone was connected to the audio output device). Other users who wanted to add music to the playlist or rearrange tracks used a lightweight webapp that required no install. The iPhone streaming the audio would display a QR code on its locked or stand-by screen in place of album art, allowing users to simply scan the code and control playback from their own device’s browser. Our webapp–which I designed and built in HTML/JS/CSS with the ChocolateChipUI framework–supported both iOS and Android.

Additionally only one Spotify Premium account was required to use our app, despite the fact that multiple users could search for and queue music for playback across its vast library; this is because we were tricky in routing all AJAX search from the webapp server-side and authenticating through the Spotify account of the user running the native app… possibly a breach of EULA.

This app is no longer supported.